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Miff Miff said:

No, this isn't the start of Part 2. This is just a little bonus page, like an after-credits scene in a film. Expect a while before more Impact shows up.

Who's the other person? Well that's a mystery for next time. ;)

31st Jan 2023, 6:23 PM


[Kavec's briefcase lays on a surface. Some of the cubes have been removed, along with a square panel.]

???: Do you think she had any idea what she was actually carrying?

[Mars has one of the cubes taken apart, removing a cylindrical item from it.]

Mars: She's smart. She probably picked up that her dad wasn't just an ordinary core smuggler.

[Mars inserts the cylinder into a machine. Data appears on a computer screen.]

Mars: But the regency didn't realize at all. Kavec's data key is good.

[Mars and a mysterious figure look at the computer console.]

???: Then you know where to start, of course. Search "Project Descent."