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Miff Miff said:

This is the last page of Act 2. I might skip a day before I start publishing Act 3.

After that, the comic is going to take a dreaded haitus while Part 2 is in production.

20th Dec 2022, 1:56 PM


[Shilloettes of figures using Flaires to create a sheild, levitate, call electricity, change size, and travel through a portal]

Mars: A Flaire is a power that manifests itself in certain individuals who've been pushed to their emotional limits. Flaires come in many different forms and there are nearly unlimited possibilities for what they can do.

[Mars continues conversing with Rania in the alleyway]

Mars: The form one's Flaire takes is like a distillate of their identity. Personality, history, desires, and so forth...
Rania: So why is yours a bowling ball?

[Mars scowls at her]