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Author Note


Miff Miff said:

So this is actually the first page I ever did for this comic as a test to establish the style. Completing this page is what convinced me that I could actually make something of this project.

Also yes I'm aware I misspelled Rania's name but I don't care enough to change it for some reason.

16th Dec 2022, 9:18 PM


[Mars and Rania are walking through city streets]

Rania: Mars, back there... what did you do?
Mars: What do you mean?
Rania: In the warehouse, you beat up those agents with some sort of sphere.

[Mars pulls Rania into an alley]

Mars: Come here.

[Mars looks down and then materalizes a ball in his hand.]

Mars: <Spirit Bowl>

[Mars holds the ball up for Rania]

Mars: This, Rania, is a power known as a Flaire.