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Author Note


Miff Miff said:

So, if anyone was curious why all my art output has been dry for the past couple months, here's why. Welcome to Impact.

This is the beginning of a story I had conceptualized all the way back in 2020 during the first few months of the pandemic. This is my attempt at turning this story into something concrete.

The nature of the story is going to be a bit darker and more violent than what I usally do so just a warning for that in advance.

The different art style to my regular style is partially to recognize this different tone and partially because this style is a little faster to knock out. Please forgive me that the quality of the artwork is even worse than my normal stuff. If people think it's trash in general, I'm just going to take it down and keep it to myself so that's that.

26th Oct 2022, 8:15 PM


[A figure picks up a hidden case and walks off.]

[The skyline of a city with two fantastic spaceships flying overhead]